Today I lost it

Today I lost it a little bit.

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For the past few years we’ve had a problem in our church with disrespectful and arrogant people—teenagers and adults alike. I see this as a type of culture problem. These people see those of us who work at the church as doormats over which they can tread and stomp on, as much as they like, and we just have to take it. They have no regard for the fact that what and when we as preachers teach and preach we do so because we are driven by the Holy Spirit. For them, it’s all about them and we have to obey and jump when they say jump.

It got me thinking about one scripture that has always fascinated me: John 2:15 where Jesus drove the people from the temple with a whip. Now I’m certainly nowhere near the point that I’m going to start chasing people with a whip, but there’s something in Jesus’ character here that appeals to me. Jesus didn’t take any nonsense when it came to the important stuff.

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